the diana project Diana was a heroic woman, a huntress. Women seeking resources are hunters rather than gatherers. They are hunting for capital in a traditionally male-dominated area.
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"The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that ... women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves." Louise Otto

New Diana Book!!!!!

Edited by Karen D. Hughes and Jennifer E. Jennings,
University of Alberta, Canada
Global Women's Entrepreneurship Research responds
to recent calls from academic researchers and policy
analysts alike to pay greater attention to the diversity and heterogeneity among women entrepreneurs. Drawing together studies by 26 researchers affiliated with the DIANA
International Research Network, this collection contributes to a richer and more robust understanding of the field.

Contributors include: A.M. Bojica, S. Coleman, S.Y. Cooper, M. del Mar Fuentes Fuentes, C. D az Garc a, C. Essers, M.R. Evald,N.C. Fairclough, P.G. Greene, D.M. Hechavarria i, K.D. Hughes, A.L. Humbert, A.E. Ingram, A.E. James, J.E. Jennings,P.D. Jennings,R. Justo, K. Klyver, S. Marlow, M. McAdam, S.L. Nielsen, M. Riebe, A. Robb, M. Sharifian, S. Terjesen, S.C. Zohir.

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Academy of Management Boston August 3-7, 2012

Academy of Management Boston August 3-7,  2012
The AOM will have a number of great sessions for researchers in women's entrepreneurship. Be sure to check out Candy Brush on a PDW panel on women nascent entrepreneurs. Candy will be speaking on: Explaining the GAP in Women's Venture Creation: A Test of Three Factors. Hope to see many of you there!

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